Corporate Retreats and Self-Discovery Retreats

Your employees can work only so hard before cracking.

A company retreat allows them to
regroup and rediscover ​ their passion for their work.

In its simplest definition, the word ‘retreat' means ‘to withdraw or to drawback.’

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Team retreats are a growing trend in the corporate world. There are so many benefits of team retreats that even smaller companies are thinking about how they can take the office out of the office for a weekend or just for a day. These retreats are no magic bullet for failing companies, but when used correctly they can accomplish a great deal.

There are a multitude of benefits in team building and corporate retreats. As company culture and workplace environment become increasingly important to employees, a getaway with your coworkers could be exactly what your business needs. Here are three things you can get out of a corporate retreat.

Sometimes, just walking into the office can cause you to stress out. By removing yourself from your daily workspace and getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll be more likely to enjoy spending time with co-workers in a new environment. Consider planning the company retreat after the annual busy period to allow your employees to recharge and gear up for the rest of the year.

Less stress means more productive workers. Plus, company retreats can actually build productivity, so if you’ve been feeling sluggish or unproductive, take this as an opportunity to regroup and rediscover your passion for work.

A common workplace myth is that employees are driven by their paycheck. However, this trend has shifted drastically over the past decade. Many workers are driven by extra benefits and the quality of their workplace. It’s important to boost company morale by making employees feel at home and valued in the office.

Taking some time during a company retreat to reflect and grow together as a team can translate into an increase in employee happiness. A retreat should be a treat and a reward, and studies have shown that companies with a high moral out perform their counterparts by 20 percent.

Instead of dreading your next company retreat, try looking at the positives and the value it might bring to you and your company. Make a point during your retreat to get to know someone better and bond with them. When you know a person better, you begin to identify with them, translating into a more collaborative workplace environment. So, step out of your comfort zone and you just might find the positive benefits of your company retreat!

Retreats have long-term benefits. Not only will you have a break from a tiresome routine, you can develop a stronger connection to yourself and to your life's directions. This in turn, will make you more focused and more productive when you get back to you daily life.

Benefits of having Corporate retreats for your organization

1. Build Up Your Team. 

The post-pandemic world is geared almost entirely for the individual. And that can make it harder to build up a real team atmosphere in the office. One of the best ways to bring a team together is to bring on a corporate retreat. Your goal should be attracting and retaining workers, and the best way to do that is to make people feel like they are part of a family.

Team building activities that are actually fun can do a lot for your company. They can make people believe that they are all in this together. During hard times at the office, this can mean a great deal.

2. Get Out of the Stress Ball.

The big issue that a lot of people have with the office is that it can become a stressful place. There are always busy times during the year. When they come around, people can get stressed and irritable. They no longer want to be there. For a CEO, this is a serious problem.

By taking people away from a stressful environment, you can make sure that they decompress all over again. One of the best times to bring on a company retreat is just after the annual busy period.

Less stress means more productive workers.

3. Improve Company Morale.

Workers are more demanding than ever before. Just because you are paying them doesn’t mean that they are going to give it their all. As far as they’re concerned, a salary is just a means to an end. They do it because they have to, and that’s not a good mindset to have for your business.

You need to come up with ways in which you can improve company morale. Companies with high morale outperform their counterparts by 20%. The way to do this is through a corporate retreat. You are showing that the company cares about the well-being of its employees. It’s supposed to be a treat and a reward. It’s not something you have to do but it’s something you should do.

4. A Time to Reflect.

The only way that each and every person is going to get better at what they do is through reflection. The best CEOs always take time out to get away from work and think. They may sit on a luxury cruise ship or run away to a cabin in the woods, but you can also do it as part of a team retreat.

A time to reflect enables everyone to look back at what they have done in the past few months. They have the chance to consider how they can improve and what their flaws are.

Not only is this crucial for self-development it’s essential for the continuing progress of the company.

5. Bring About Hidden Talents.

If you’re doing the same things every single day, the chances are people are not going to realize their true talents. Coworkers often fail to realize just how extraordinary each person is because nobody ever gets the chance to reveal who they truly are.

Team retreats allow a group of people to indulge in tasks that just don’t happen in the normal office environment. For the first time, you may discover that Jill from accounting is really good at rock climbing. But how does this translate to any actual value for the company?

To put it simply, you learn to know a person. You can better identify with them. You may even bond over the fact that you have the same interests as them. A hard skill can reveal a bunch of other soft skills, so it’s always useful to find out more about a person.

Why is AJ the best option for you?

1. AJ’s original training is in Organizational Development and he is a current practitioner of this discipline.

He graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines with a degree of BA Organizational Communication and had his masters at the same university with Developmental Communication.

2. Besides the usual training subject matters, AJ is well-trained and will utilize a scientific approach called Neuro-semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP and NS are proven ways to reach the core of the thinking of your employees that will really move them to action on all their realizations. These technologies are used by big companies around the world to enhance their employee effectiveness.

3. AJ is a certified Self-Actualization Psychology practitioner and group coaching expert.

With these methodologies we can draw out from your employees their vision of their better self side-by-side with the company’s vision and mission. Reflecting on what they want to be and anchoring it on the company’s direction, we can reconcile the journey of your employees’ career philosophy with the company’s reason for being.

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