Coach AJ Ignites Direct Marketing Professionals in their Sales Rally

Coach AJ was invited to be a resource speaker by Aromacology Sensi Philippines in their annual sales rally for 2024. Attended by their sales professionals all over the Philippines, Coach AJ gave an entertaining and inspirational talk on how they can prepare for the new sales landscape of 2024 post-pandemic.

Coach AJ invited the participants to dig deep and make a good accounting of what they have learned duting the pandemic period and see how it changed the game for sales in the post-pandemic era.

The term “new normal” is not just about how we deal with the new adjustments of daily living, but also is about the new consumer behavior and how they, as sales professionals, can thrive in the changing landscape so they can be more competitive in positioning their products to the new breed of consumers.

The audience were very inspired by Coach AJ’s inputs and gained valuable insights on how to pivot their goals to the “new normal” of consumer behavior. They enjoyed the sales rally and are very inspired to go back to their places of operations with their new found learning.

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