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There are two kinds of speakers: first, who puts the audience to sleep, and another who awakens them to face the challenges life brings.

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We know how much impact a speaker can have on your audience: it’s powerful! A great speaker can shift thinking, influence new ideas, inspire, motivate, inform, share new perspectives, share new ways of doing things, and even change attitudes.

If you want to inject some new ideas, or inspiration into your audience, consider working with AJ as a speaker at your next event or conference. Not only can he help you get your message across, boost motivation, change their way of thinking and leave them feeling energized and inspired. He can do this with just one good talk, which is a great return on investment of both money, and more importantly time.

AJ is one of the often invited resource speakers in learning events due to his expertise, passionate delivery and extensive pre-event preparation process. His highly customized talks deliver take away value as well as reinforcing your event’s themes.

He helps bring different perspectives, inspiring fresh ideas on your audience’s head, presenting them in different ways which can help your audience see things differently. This can help turn perceived challenges into opportunities or can replace complexity with simpler approaches.

Having a great speaker can really help bring energy and inspiration to a challenged organization. This can be by helping create a firm belief in their abilities, helping them see how they can be successful, or it could just be by bringing some fun and enjoyment back into the workplace.

Here's what to expect in AJ's speaking engagements

Giving your audience Excitement to the topic that you want them to learn from

Hear great story telling to reinforce the spirit of the topic

Enjoy the talks with a funny and dynamic approach with the delivery of the talk

Well researched facts & figures to prove the point

A resounding call to action to make your audience make a decision and move

Why is AJ the best option for you?

1. AJ is very funny from start to finish.

People love the way their information is wrapped in humor. Every bit of humor leads to a lesson that applies in business and life.

2. AJ is a master storyteller because he gives powerful stories.

Science has proven that we don’t take any action without having a visual image first, and that our thoughts are not stored as words, but as images. Therefore, data (facts, information, lessons) will not have an impact on your listener until it is wrapped in an image.

3. Besides the usual training subject matters, AJ is well-trained and will utilize a scientific approach called Neuro-semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

NS and NLP are proven ways to reach the core of the thinking of your employees that will really move them to action on all their realizations. These technologies are used by big companies around the world to enhance their employee effectiveness.

Now let's talk about your event.

Let's find out what's the best way we can do for your organization. Let's explore all the possibilities we can find that can give you the best results yet at the same time will fit your organization's resources. There's no harm in trying, right? As one famous philosopher said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Let's take the first step, shall we? Click the button below to get in touch with me.

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