Hello Learning Partners!

Thank you for inviting me to your event!

My mission is to make it memorable for you while working with me, which means making your life as simple as possible leading up to our time together! Click on the tabs below for all the information and resources you may need for us to prepare for that awesome learning event of yours. You may use any of the language, links, or images on this page before or during an engagement to promote an appearance.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work together!


If I’ve learned one thing from my speaking experience, it’s that more preparation is better, for me and the awesome organization that’s hired me. Click the button below for my list of technology, tools, and preferences, so we can start the prep work together!


You may use any of these photos for your promotional materials


Usually, I show a video for my introduction. However, if you assigned someone to introduce me, you can follow the script below so that it can cue the audience to the video. Click the button below to download the script for his intro.